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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

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SMS Kubang Pasu is on TV again. Yesterday night , Berita Perdana TV 1 showed a mega academic project that being intoduced in SMS Kubang Pasu. It all about "English Year Programme". This momentous event has been officiated by En. Mubarak Ali bin Rakhir Ali Principal Assistant Director, Language Unit 1, Kedah State Education on last Sunday morning (7 Mac 2010). This effort just focused on instill confidence in student to communicate in English .

The Implementation are including : Mastery of 50 Sentences in Daily Coversation, Telephone Conversation, The Student Oath, Student Presentation, Saturday Chatting With Principal, A Day With Foreigner, Scribble and Vocab Corner, Summer Camp and others. Hate to say this (karaoke).

With Motto : "English is easy. It is just a piece of cake and everyone can speak" may this programme paves the way for a positive mind. Insyaallah.



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